Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Cleaning

There is something about a warm breeze coming through the open windows of my house that always makes me want to do some spring cleaning...deeper than the usual pick-up and weekly home blessing.  It makes me want to get rid of the clutter, rearrange furniture, and do some of that deep-cleaning that gets neglected during the cold winter months.

This year, I'm going to take one room per week and try to have the house decluttered and deep-cleaned by the time school is out.  That gives me eight full weeks.

I've created a cleaning schedule that you're welcome to use!  Feel free to add your own tasks or swap out your own rooms with the blank schedule that's added on the end!  Join me in getting your house whipped into shape before the kids get out of school!

I've included my cleaning schedule and task lists, as well as a blank schedule and a blank list, if you need to add or change any of the rooms!  You'll find a printable version of this, along with my weekly task sheets, at the bottom of this post!

Click on the links below to print your Spring Cleaning Packet!


  1. Awesome Hannah! Thanks for sharing-

  2. Love this, when fun night is over I will be using to help with cleaning for getting ready to move! Thanks for sharing!!!