Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yet Another Small Town Tradition I Love: Fun Night

I love my small town.

Adrian, Missouri.  Home, sweet home.

And I'm sure all of you folks can relate to some of the traditions we have in our little community.

The next event coming up here in our little corner of the world is the annual PTO Fun Night.

This will be the second year that Newkirk Photography will be involved with Fun Night, taking a fun picture of friends and family members to remember the night by!

Of course, for me, it goes much deeper than community involvement for the business.

It's part of me.  These small town traditions.

The Homecoming Parade.  Building floats.  Entire elementary classes walking down Main Street while my grandma (and of course, the memory of my sweet grandpa) sits in her lawn chair and claps and waves.  I remember walking in the parade.  Taking my Harlee-girl to her first parade.  Dreaming of walking in the parade as a teacher one day.  Well...that one still might happen eventually, I suppose.  :)

The Spirit Line at Football Games.  As an elementary student, watching those high school idols run through the line.  As a high school cheerleader, cheering on my little brother and my now husband.  As an adult, as those "little kids" grow up and become the big kids.

And of course, Fun Night.  I remember the first year my parents let us walk around with our friends at Fun Night.  I'm not sure when I'll feel ready to let my sweet girls do this, but I'm looking forward to giving them that feeling of independence that I remember almost as if it were yesterday.

So join me if you're in the area.  This Saturday, March 24th.  4:00-8:00 p.m.  Adrian R-3.

And if you're not in the area.  Feel free to reminisce in the comments section about your own favorite traditions from your home town.  Would love to share with you!

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