Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dropping the Ball.


I dropped the ball.


I was so excited to launch School Picture Day.  I had weeks and weeks of blog posts planned and such great information ready to share with all of you and then, life happened.

Not only have I been swamped with school stuff and photography clients (not a bad problem to have!)...my gall bladder has been acting up and was causing me some serious pain and disarray there for a while.  No worries though...it's coming out June 4th!

I think I'm looking forward to this summer more than ever.

Not because I've had a rough school year.  Not at all!  I've LOVED this year!

Not because I hate my job.  Hardly!  I adore what I get to do every day!

But because my body is tired.  I need some time to refresh, to rest, to relax.

Looking forward to a break in a few weeks.

Until then, I'll press on.

And when school is out.

I'll pick the ball back up.

See you then!

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