Monday, June 11, 2012

A year from now, you will wish you had started today.

I saw this quote by Karen Lamb on Pinterest a few months ago and it hit home on so many levels.

Originally, I posted it on my weight-loss inspiration board.  It makes sense.  If I start today, in one year I'll be happy I did.  If I don't start today, I'll feel like I do today about whatever day it was 365 days ago.

But then I kept see the quote popping up, here and there.

It came to mind when I was cleaning out my classroom and organizing for the 2012-2013 school year.

It came to mind when I began doing some deep-cleaning at our house.

It came to mind when I started thinking about building on next summer.

We do want to build on soon and we've kind of been working on a timeline.  We have to get the house refinanced and then get approved for funding to build on.  We have to have a plan.  And a contractor, if we decide to go that route.  We'll need materials.  We'll have to move the girls out of their rooms for a while.  And since Harlee will already have a year of school under her belt...she'll get to move bedrooms to the new part.

And then it hit me.

A year from now, Harlee will be six.  Claire will be four.

Where does the time go?


And so, it began.  This free time I had over the last few weeks.

It was filled with several emotions & actions, based on the realization I had when I truly thought about how precious my time with my babies is.

The realization that I am NOT doing everything I do to the best of my ability, with excellence.

The realization that I do NOT want my fulltime career, teaching third grade, to EVER take the back-burner to my "on-the-side" job.

The realization that my faith and my church family are both extremely important to me and I have been neglecting my involvement in the church because I am stretching myself too thin.

The realization that this life is worth the fullest.


I had surgery on Monday, June 4th and that week was full of praying.  Contemplating.  Planning.  Praying.  Thinking.  Researching.  And praying some more.

And I tell ya what.  The further I got into my week of recovery, the clearer my solution came to my mind.  

A solution that will CHANGE the face of Newkirk Photography.


So here it goes...the NEW Newkirk Photography.

I will still be operating off of my current brochures for all types of, ages & stages, seniors, & weddings.

However, from August 1st to December 1st, I will ONLY be scheduling 10 outside-of-my-family clients for various appointments.  (If you already have an appointment scheduled during those or general session, this does not apply to you.)

Let me clarify, with a few specific examples.

A maternity session, newborn session, 3-month session, and so forth for the same pregnancy/baby will count as ONE client & appointment.

If a senior chooses to break his or her session up into two appointments, in order to hit various seasonal images, that will also count only as ONE client & appointment.

Within this, I will still be offering my fall mini-session, on Saturday, October 13th!  So put it on your calendar!

This will be a 30-minute outdoor mini-session (weather-permitting...October 20th will be rain-out date) with 2-3 different locations for fall pictures AND enough time in there for a Christmas Card photo.  Cards will be designed and ready for ordering by the beginning of November and you will have until November 17th to order any cards and/or products that you will need for Christmas.  More details will follow this fall.

Our 2nd Annual Holiday "Christmas Card Pickup" Open House will be Sunday, December 2nd


So what about after Christmas?

From January 13th to May 31st, I will ONLY be scheduling 10 outside-of-my-family clients for various appointments.

The same exceptions apply as with my fall calendar.

And within the winter/spring months, I will still be offering an Easter mini-session on Saturday, February 23, 2013.  

Again, this will be very similar to my fall mini-session, except it will be a more formal inside session, with different product availability.  More details will follow this winter.


As for next summer and beyond...I will be crossing that bridge when I get there.  I just want everyone to know that this cut-back in appointments is going to do nothing but improve my work as a photographer.  I will have more time for study and inspiration, planning and editing.  I plan to be more efficient in editing and sharing sessions and product fulfillment.

I'm so thankful to everyone for sticking by me and look forward to working with you in the future.


  1. Proud of you Hannah, sometimes you have to cut back to live life to the fullest but that doesnt make it an easy choice...-Heather