Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last Chance Workout!

Okay, so not REALLY last chance "workout", in the "working out" sense, but still...this is it.

I've got today, tomorrow, and Tuesday to get my house looking the way I want it and to make sure it will be functional for the school year.

Now, I have been working ALL summer on the house little-by-little. However, with gall bladder surgery, a mini-vacay to Branson, our annual week-long trip to the lake, and photography sessions to catch up on...I must admit, I've been kind of a slacker on my original "to do this summer" list.

And so...I'll modify it. No big deal.

Today, I'm sitting at home with a sick kiddo, creating a week-long plan that should get me in a position to really implement our school year routines on August 6th.

Here is what I do when I have a busy week ahead and I know I'll need to complete specific tasks before a certain event.

I lay out notebook pages with the days of the week listed on them and I break down everything I have to do for home, school, church, and photography on those notebook pages in different colored pens.  Then I just clip them together, starting with today, up on the refrigerator!  I mark them off as I go throughout the week...that's my favorite part, of course!  :)

Here's the start of this week's list.

Sometimes, there's just nothing better than holding that blank notebook paper in your hands and filling it out with different colored pens...if you cannot tell, I am an office-supply nerd.

To help you all feel peaceful about the transition from summer to school year too, I'll be blogging ten days of tips, starting this Wednesday, August 1st!

Check back then to get some great printables, hints, & tips...from the parent and teacher perspective!

Now...wish me luck on sticking to my list this week!

Happy Sunday! God bless you!

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