Thursday, July 19, 2012

Writing Folders

I have always wanted a set of writing process folders, like the ones you can get at Really Good Stuff and Lakeshore Learning.

They are awesome.

And if I had enough money, I would purchase a class set of those bad boys every single year.

However...I can't justify spending that kind of money on something that I could make myself.

Last year, I attempted to make my own.  I took two folders and laid them out flat, then taped the middle two flaps together with packaging tape.  The best thing I can say about them is that they were...hmmm...adequate.  At best.

Okay, it was a disaster, and I am embarrassed to post a picture.

Although they got the job done, there were little bubbles in the packaging tape AND by the end of the year, the tape was peeled up (by little third grade fingers) and the sticky side started sticking to other things.

Fuzz.  Hair.  Thread.  Fingernails.

You get the idea.


So, this year, of course...I started looking around at some other blogs and on Pinterest for ideas.

I found this great idea and I was overjoyed.

So here's how I made my own folders, using a three-hole-punch, because I don't have a binding machine at home.

1 class set of three-prong folders
1 class set of non-three-pronged folders
Avery Labels 5163 (if you so desire)

3-prong folder ($0.15 @ WalMart)
non-3-prong folder ($0.15 @ WalMart)
Here's how it all works...

Step 1: Fold the non-three-prong folders inside-out.

Step 2: Hole-punch the side of the folder that is NOT folded.

Step 3: Feed the prongs of the 3-prong folder into the new holes you punched in the non-3-prong folder.

Here's my stack of folders hooked together, but not labeled yet...
and obviously, under a super-bright fluorescent!!!

Step 4: Create your labels.

Now, if you want to use the labels I created for can find a printable PDF here.

Here's the (I think) finished product.

What else can you think of to use these four-pocket-folders for?  I was thinking Word Study folders, Reading & Math Workshop folders...the possibilities are endless!

Please share what you use your's for!  :)

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