Friday, August 10, 2012

Classroom Tour 2012-2013

I have so much fun taking a virtual look into other teachers' classrooms.  I pick up ideas on Pinterest, Facebook, blogs, and classroom websites.  So I decided this year that I'd love to share my classroom, as well!  As usual...not the best photo quality, because I just snapped these with the iPad, but here goes!  Welcome to 3N!
This is outside my room.  Banner from VistaPrint for FREE with shipping and paper plates out of the dollar bin at Michael's.  I just put the kiddos' names on them and stapled them up!  Welcome Third Graders!
This was a spectacular purchase I made about 10 years ago when a local Christian bookstore went out of business.  It is a shelf for greeting cards and I think I picked it up for about $30.  It has two big storage drawers underneath and I use the top part for "Student Written Texts".  Right now, it has a book that I wrote in college in it, but by the end of the year it will be filled with books my students have written!

Beside the shelf is my student computer station.

My daily prep baskets!  I've got five, but right now the Thursday basket is over being filled for the first day of school.  The "today" basket will always be on my guided reading table, while the other four wait here.  :)
This is a new thing I'm trying this year.  It is a pocket chart for the Reading Counts "line".
Each student has a number and when they are ready to take a test, they'll just put their number next in line at the top.
Book Nook schedule!
I've got several book nooks available for Independent Reading time.  I wrote each book nook on a tshirt and added "Free Choice" until I had enough spaces for each student to sit.  Their numbers are hooked up there with magnets and are rotated weekly.

Far left of my dry-erase board (now basically a magnetic board).
This is where I'll put the date.  My heading magnet and "no name" magnet are here, as well as my groupings for guided reading groups.  The kids will be on a certain "team" every week (based on reading skill needs and data) and I'll write their name with dry-erase marker on the "team" t-shirts.

Left-Middle of my dry-erase board.
I got cheap plastic frames at WalMart and printed our subjects to frame.  My plan is to write an "I Can..." statement on each frame for whichever objectives we're working on that week.  Then I'll add assignments to the right of the frames for the kids to put in their assignment books.
Right-Middle of my dry-erase board.
SW-PBS Behavior Chart on the left (we all have the exact same language/chart).
Morning Routine & Afternoon Routine, top middle.
Viking Pride Pledge & Classroom Behavior Matrix (right above the safe seat).
Far right of my dry-erase board.
Conversation Bubble just like the ones they have in their desks.  I'll write a daily question, statement, or prompt on here and they will have to reply to it on their bubbles as an exit card before leaving the room.
Lunch Game Plan.  Choice 1, 2, 3, and home lunch are on different types of sports' balls.  Their lunch "game plan cards" (VistaPrint) are at the bottom with their names on them.  They move their magnets first thing in the morning and I know what lunch choice they want when I put in lunch count.

Resources on bottom left, Math manipulatives on bottom right.
Assignment trays on top, labeled with subject area.
Behavior checklists, highlighters for names, and stamp with date in black tub on the far left side of the shelves.

My teacher table.  Thursday basket is here and getting filled for first day of school.
Lots of things we might need...tape, staplers, scissors, high-lighters, my numbered drawing sticks, my own book box, chart markers, etc.

Classroom Library area.  These are picture books, organized by either Reading Count point-value or subject matter (science, holiday books, etc.).

Chapter Book Library area.  These are leveled by lexile score and are labeled accordingly, on the outside of the shelf and the back-inside of the book.  Reading Count point level is also written in the back of each book.

Math Focus Wall.  I'll be adding to this as the year goes on.

Student of the Week area, Reading Counts tracking poster, and classroom jobs.
The shelf is our "drop off" area for morning.  Anything that goes to the office goes in the far right bucket.  On the second shelf down (that you can't see), there's a section for box-tops and library books.

 Alright...that's what I've got so far!  :)  Thanks for checking it out!  I'd be happy to answer any questions, if I didn't elaborate enough!


  1. All I can say is "You are Amazing!"

    1. Awww...thanks, Mikki! It is a God-given passion, so I can't help but go all out!!! :)