Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fatty McFatterson...

Yes, I just titled this post "Fatty McFatterson".  Because that is what I feel like.

I am not back up to my 166.0 pound mark that I started at after my gall-bladder removal, but I'm not too far from there.  I'm disgusted with myself, in terms of not even WALKING to stay in shape, even after I created that lovely workout schedule a few weeks ago.

The truth is...I'm terrible at sticking to a schedule during the summer.

All those days of sleeping in and staying up late really gets to me.

My house is even messier than it is during the school year (hard to believe, I know...if you've ever seen my house during the school year).

We eat out WAY more often.

I wear stretchy clothing (athletic shorts & t-shirts, usually), so a little weight-gain doesn't affect me like it does during the school year, when I have to fit into dress pants every day.

And it's hot.  And that makes me not want to do anything, but sit in the air conditioning and eat bon-bons.

Okay, not bon-bons.  More like Oreos.



But seriously.  I do NOT feel good about myself at all.  I mean, I am happy and content with my life.  I love my job, I love my family, I love my home and my photography business.  I love my animals, my church, and my friends.

But I do not love my body.

To say the least.

I was looking back at some old pictures on Facebook of me in the fall of 2009, when I lost about 20 pounds on Weight Watchers.

Check me out (don't mind the terrible photo quality of most of these mobile uploads).

So...that was the "me" of late 2009/early 2010.
My hope is that I can be back to looking like that
and feeling good about myself by the end of 2012.

We shall see.

I love following my friend Michelle's blog Anything for 10.

I read it today and was inspired to set some serious goals and stick to them.  And in a subsequent Facebook conversation, she said that her mantra is "Be committed, not interested."

And so that is what I'll be doing this week.

Committing myself to getting healthy.

Committing myself to feeling good about myself.

Committing myself to looking like the "me" in these pictures.

Join me?


  1. Hannah! Go look at It's free, folks tell me it's like Weight Watchers, and it REALLY helps! I'm only 10.5 pounds from my goal!

  2. I had to laugh at the title of this post because I call myself Fatty Mc-McAfoos when I've gain weight and don't feel so great. The weight-loss invitation is nice but I'm afraid I'm too busy pinning recipes on Pinterest for the Fall baking season.-Ha! Good Luck!