Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! 10 tips for helping you through it!

Well, folks.

It's almost time.

Time for one of my FAVORITE day of the year.

The first day of school.

Students...ah, you'll be alright.  :)

So in honor of "back to school" time, I'm going to blog for the next ten days about things that will help us all make a smooth transition from summer to school life!


Number 1: Work Your Routines.

Now, in order to work your routines.  You must first HAVE routines.

I started really buying into the idea of routines helping your life run smoothly when I discovered FlyLady.

I love FlyLady and really believe that her systems and procedures that she talks about in her book and on her website work.

Several years ago, I started to focus on routines for my mornings, evenings, and bedtimes.

I tried several different things...a home management binder, a list of routines typed and hanging on the refrigerator, a laminated checklist that I used dry-erase markers on, a notebook paper written in fun different colored pens, etc., etc., etc.

They all worked.

But sometimes, I feel like I made it a little more complicated than it needed to be.

So finally, I ended up with this...

Now...this hangs in my awesome Thirty-One Wall Organizer right up there where the blank white paper is hanging in the sample picture below.  I'll show you my ACTUAL wall organizer later this week, when I talk about setting up a home command center!

So your challenge for today is to think about your routines.  What can you put into your routines to keep your room running smoothly and to keep your life as peaceful as possible this school year?

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