Saturday, August 25, 2012

Time for another big Newkirk Photography announcement!

Well, I'd say it's finally time to share what's been going on with me for the last few months!

As most of you know...we moved to our studio two April's ago.  My mom had her business in one part and my business was in the other part.  Here are a few pics of the original office, when we first moved in...

The office part in April 2011.
My shooting area in April 2011.

The space has served us very well and we absolutely loved it.

However, with my move to only doing 30 sessions a year and trying to spend more time with my family, we have just decided that it is going to be better for our family to move Newkirk Photography.

I'll be setting up shop in my parents' basement.  It's free.  So that's pretty awesome.  (Have I mentioned I have the best parents ever?)

I'll still be doing inside pictures.  I'll have all of the same equipment, backdrops, and props and they can be moved to wherever I decide to shoot for a specific session.

However, I'd like to focus mainly on outside pictures when possible.  I absolutely LOVE natural light and the beauty of nature.

I've been so blessed with a clientele that has supported me with all of the changes that have taken place over the last four years.  I'm looking forward to big changes and a more relaxing environment for everyone involved in the photography process of Newkirk Photography!

I can't wait to continue to serve the community in my new location!

Thanks again for your support!


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