Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tip #8: Do a Trial Run

It is hard to believe that one week from tonight is "First Day of School Eve"! And it seems like I was just posting, "Can you believe it is July already?"

Time flies.

And I feel like this next week is going to fly by faster than any if us really know, so we should be doing whatever we can to get ourselves prepared.

We've done some of, daily to do lists, laying out the kiddos' clothes.

But now it is time to start really preparing by doing some trial runs. Tip Number 8.

It's time to try out our bedtime and morning routines with the kids and ease them into the new normal.

We started tonight.

We ran through the whole bedtime routine situation about 15 minutes earlier than the girls are used to going to bed. I'm ashamed to tell you what time that is, because they should not be up as late as they are!

Tomorrow morning, we're going to get up early and TRY to make it out the door by 6:30, which is my goal for the school year.

Tomorrow night, bedtime will be 15 minutes earlier than it was this evening.

The night after that will be 15 minutes earlier.

By Sunday night, we'll need to be on our school schedule...with bedtime at 8, routine done and girls happy. :)

Your challenge for tonight/tomorrow is to start doing some trial runs of those school year routines!  It will be here before you know it!!!

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