Friday, August 10, 2012

Tip #9: Plan for FUN!!!

Alright.  Let's be honest for a second.

This is the time where if you do not want to hear about my terrible parenting, house-keeping, and wifey skills, you should probably turn off your monitor or click onto another page of my blog.

I am a terrible stay-at-home mom.


Our house is so much messier in the summertime.  We hardly ever eat at home.  And I feel like I am in ALWAYS...every single day, day-in and day-out...trying to play catch-up.

I have big plans for fun things to do in the and outings that the girls will love.  I believe this summer, I actually made TWO of those happen.  TWO.  Out of a list of at least 15 ideas.

And sooooooo...this post is me, preaching to myself, about being better about something.

Planning for fun.

Or maybe I should say it in capitals...PLANNING for fun.

Because I am a planner.  This we know.

And so I have decided to make it a habit to plan for fun this school year.

So I made a little spreadsheet.

On one side, I put some ideas for fun stuff we could do between now and Christmas.  I left some blanks on the bottom because I'm sure I'll think of new things (or find new ideas on Pinterest or blogs!).

And on the right side, I just wrote "date".  I filled in a few dates that I was sure of and left the other ones to fill in with Matthew sometime soon.  I think if we write it down and hang it on the refrigerator, we will stick to having some FUN this fall!

So your challenge for today (or yesterday, I should say) is to create a list of fun things you want to do before the end of 2012.  Then start plugging them in on your calendar!  Do not rush through life without having fun!  I tried that route and it is NOT worth missing out on making memories with your babies!

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