Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tip Number 2: School Supply Shop like a Pro!

Welcome back to School Picture Day, where I'm sharing ten tips for making the back-to-school transition smooth.

Yesterday, we talked about putting those routines into place every morning, afternoon, and evening.  You can read that post here.

Now...on to tip number two!

Number 2: School Supply Shop Like a Pro.

As a teacher, I can assure you that those beautiful boxes of crayons, lovely freshly sharpened pencils, and even the rough & tough student scissors you purchased and will send to school with your babies on the first day, will not be much to look at second semester.

They can get the job done, but wouldn't it be nice to give your child a sense of refreshment when they head back to school after Christmas break?  Maybe rekindle that "first week of school excitement" that they're feeling right now.

Well, maybe not right now this very second., but surely they will be in a few weeks.  :)

That's why I recommend going through the school supply list and buying double of those items they'll use a crayons, pencils, markers, colored pencils, & glue sticks.

This year, I am saving my double items for Christmas!  They are already purchased and in my gift drawer at home...ready for December!  :)

Not only will I have some extra stocking stuffers or small gifts to wrap up, but I'll also be spending the money now when the supplies are super-cheap and not when they're all back to regular price this November.

I'll send them back with Harlee to school after Christmas break and have her donate the used supplies that are still functional to her teacher.

So your challenge for today (or tomorrow if you're in weekend!) is to run out and purchase a second set of your student's school supplies.  You might even take advantage of the sales and buy a few extra sets to have your child donate to others!  :)

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