Monday, August 6, 2012

Tip Number 6: Go Through Clothes & Make a Weekly Plan!

Time for Tip Number 6: Go Through Clothes & Make a Weekly Plan!

I cannot tell you what a difference this has made since we started it.  Oh my goodness.  Incredible.

So here's what happens at our house...

On Sunday night, I go into each of the girls' rooms and I pull out their Organizables.

Organizables daily garment bags with pockets for accessories.
Seriously.  These things are an incredible motivator.

The girls love it.

I lay out their garment bags on the bed and we start making piles of what they're going to wear on each day.

We start with special days (lately, that has been swimming days...during the school year, it will be PE days for Harlee, preschool days for Claire, dance class days for both of them).  

If it is a PE day, of course, we'll make sure Harlee is in something a little more comfy and some tennis shoes.  If not, we might be able to be a little more "formal" in her outfit formal as a kindergartener might ever wear.  

We pick clothes first, then add shoes & accessories.

This way we are both happy throughout the week.  We have the big "discussion" about specific outfits that either I don't really agree with or she doesn't really agree with.  We compromise.  And eventually, we have five full bags ready for the week.

It's awesome to have this discussion on Sunday evening, instead of throughout the week, each morning, in a panic!

Besides the Organizables, we also have a basket by the front door that we call our "drop off" basket.  We put everything in there for the next day...backpack, dance bag, things for school, etc.

This has worked really well since we started implementing it this summer and I can't wait to see how it will affect our school year! here's your challenge for tonight!  Go through your child's clothes and choose outfits for the first few days of school!  It's almost here!!!

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