Saturday, November 24, 2012

So. Very. Thankful.

Well, goodness.  Here it is almost the end of November and I haven't posted ONE TIME this month.  You know...sometimes, life gets into the way.  And for life...I am so very thankful.

My students are making great gains in lots of areas in the curriculum.  We have had two authors' shares, where they shared their writing with friends and families.  That is a lot of fun for me, as a teacher.  We have also created our first PowerPoint presentations and shared them with the other third grade class.  We are moving right along on our reading and writing goals for the year and will be starting multiplication this coming week!  We are almost finished learning the entire cursive alphabet and will begin to write in cursive for most of our assignments in the coming weeks.  We have had our first "For the Love of Reading" day and really enjoyed listening to other adults in the school read out loud to us.  We are really enjoying third grade!

At home, we are into the thick of the holiday preparations.  The house is all decked out for fall, although the fall decorations will come down this weekend and will be replaced by the Christmas goodies.  The girls are really having a great fall.  Harlee is LOVING kindergarten and Claire is tolerating preschool, lol.  She really has her own agenda on life and for right now, playing all day and taking a nice long afternoon nap seem to top the list!  She loves preschool when she gets there and gets started, but in her own little independent mind, she seems to have issues getting up and around TO preschool!  Nonetheless, we're blessed with a faithful preschool teacher and daycare provider for Claire-Bear.  We're expecting our first NEPHEW on December 13th (or before!) and cannot wait to hold that sweet little man in my arms (Baby G, as we call him).  Matthew and I are still kicking around the idea of adding a new little Newkirk to the family, but we'll continue praying and visiting with my doctor before we make that an official plan.  :)


In terms of Newkirk Photography, there have been lots of changes over the last few years (as I'm sure you know).  You might remember my post back in June about changing up the way I do things at Newkirk Photography.  I decided to only take 10 regular sessions from August 1st-December 1st.  This worked beautifully and I was able to have time for my family and career and everything else that I was neglecting to focus on.  

Then in August, I decided to take a step back and get rid of the studio.  You can read about that decision here.  It was quite the undertaking to move that office (4,000 square feet) into my parents' house.  We moved some things to storage, some things to Mom's "office area" in her house, and most of my photography stuff down into my parents' basement.  It was wonderful.  Free rent, free internet, free utilities!  

However, the shooting conditions of my living room were less than idea when it came to family sessions (or any sessions for that matter).  Therefore, a few weekends ago, we decided that (AGAIN), we would be opening a studio.  This time, it will be only for Newkirk Photography.  

The space is located at 207 S. Old 71 Highway in Adrian.  I'll be neighbors with Studio 201 Hair Salon (with Jenny Reid), Remax Realty (with  Morris Lemon), and The King's Kutter Barbershop (with Matt Cunningham).  

I am excited and anxious to get moved into the new space and cannot wait to continue to help everyone capture their journey as I move forward in my own journey!

Like I said, I am so very thankful.

Blessings to you all!

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