Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bad, Bad Blogger.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm a terrible blogger.  Which, of course if we are talking about the amount of times I have blogged over the last few months...I am.  I have so many things I want to share with my readers.  Ideas that I have, progress I've made on my own goals, awesome things going on in my classroom.  But the main problem is that I'm busy carrying out ideas, making progress, and doing awesome things with my kiddos in my classroom.  Doesn't leave much time for blogging.

But I'm trying to be better.

And so I'm setting another goal.

My goal last year at this time was to really cut back on the photography work.  And boy did I do that.  This past fall has been spectacular.  I took a break on sessions, made sure to have sessions only when I could handle them, and I even said NO a time or two (not easy for me!!!).

In fact, if my Internet would have been working properly, I would have had a spectacular December already.  Albums would have been loaded, Christmas cards would have been ordered and delivered, and I would be chilling tonight in front of the fire, sipping some cocoa, and looking at the Christmas tree.

Here's real life.

I am sitting here on Saturday night at 5:30 in my new studio (another 2012 blessing!), finishing up last-minute edits, listening to my sweet baby girl snooze on a cot by my desk.  My Christmas tree isn't even out of the garage.  My house is a disaster.  And I am tired.  Really tired.

However, in all that "real life" stuff, I have such joy and contentment with life that I just can't help but smile.  Even with all of the due dates and expectations that I am trying to meet, I am still filled to overflowing with the joy and peace that comes from Jesus.

I am beyond blessed with a very supportive husband and two beautiful daughters that fill my life with happiness and excitement.

So yes...I am a bad, bad blogger.

But I wouldn't change a thing. <3

Happy December, friends.  We'll talk soon.  ;)

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