Monday, December 31, 2012


My latest Twitter hashtag was #sameresolutionsaslastyear, but I'm thinking I got it wrong last night. Maybe it should have been #sameresolutionsEVERYyear.

That's how it really is, right?  I have the SAME RESOLUTIONS EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

Grow closer to my Lord and Savior.
Lose weight.
Get organized.
Raise loving children.
Hang with my husband more.
Be a better business-owner.

And the list goes on and on.

And so again, in 2013, I will strive for more of the same.

I make progress every single year.

Maybe this year will be the year that I progress enough and can say a year from today that I finally figured it out!

I've created a few goal worksheets that might help us (okay, mainly ME) to stick to my goals for this year.  There are eight different goal areas that I've been thinking about this year and hope to make progress in each one of them over the coming 365 days.

Here's the main goal sheet that I'm going to copy and hang in a few visible places (the fridge, by my desk at school, by my workspace at the studio).  Click on the image for the PDF version if you want to print it and join me!

So after I came up with my "general" goals for these areas, I decided I needed something a little more specific to keep me on track!  So I decided to create a little worksheet that would help me to think about each and every goal I set this year!  Click the image below to download PDF!


Here are some my general goals for this next year!

Career ~
- Create a new workflow schedule (done!)
- Schedule editing sessions on calendar when I schedule a session
- Set December 1st cut-off date for all sessions, unless it is a special circumstance where the Lord can use me to serve a family in their time of need
- Set December 10th cut-off date for all orders
- Track all receipts and mileage starting January 1st (TOMORROW!!!)
- Blog at least weekly!

Financial ~
- Budget every single month and STICK TO IT
- Track all income & expenses for both business & personal on the NeatDesk
- Work hard to pay off (or at least significantly reduce) all debt, except for house and student loans
- Tithe
- Plan meals weekly and shop frugally

Spiritual ~
- Be in the Word daily
- Complete thankfulness journal daily
- Tithe
- Be prepared weekly for Sunday school
- Family devotions at supper

Physical ~
- Lose 20 pounds
- Plan Healthy Meals

Intellectual ~
- Make plans to take administrators test this year (and save the money for it!)
- Finish putting curriculum on the computer
- Finish my children's book and publish it

Family ~
- Date night every month with the hubs
- Family game or movie night once a week (or more!)
- Nightly devotions
- Stick to daily routines
- Declutter house one room, drawer, cabinet, shelf at a time and be done by 2013-2014 school year

Social ~
- Invite people out once a month (or more)
- Blog at least once a week about family life!


So there you go!  You've got a few hours of 2012 left to plan specifically for 2013!

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