Thursday, January 17, 2013

Love Me Some Technology.

I love me some technology.

I am one of those nerds who enjoys the fact that my Google Calendar syncs to my iPad, which syncs to my iPhone, which syncs to my husband's smartphone calendar.  I like that birthdays automatically show up on there.  I like that when I add a new event, I get an email reminder and a pop-up reminder on my student computer.  I like that I can color-coordinate events that have to do with church, school, Newkirk Photography, and personal family items.

I love me some technology.

I love Google Chrome.  I love the idea that I can have a browser open at the studio, open at school, open on my phone and iPad and no matter where I am, I can see what I have open on those browsers. I love the ease of printing to my parents' copy-machine through Google Cloud.  I love that the bar where you type in your web address also serves as your Google search bar.

Yes, I love me some technology.

However, when it comes to making a list of things to do, I have always gone the paper/pencil route.  I always start a schedule on Saturday morning and even write the times in there.

It would look something like this,
8-8:05 -- make schedule (Yes, I actually put that in there).
8:05-8:10 -- switch laundry
8:10-8:20 -- fold clothes and put them away
8:20-8:30 -- pick up living room
8:30-8:40 -- feed girls (Yes, seriously.  I know I'm a nut.)

Matthew always makes fun of me, saying I spend more time actually following the schedule and marking things off than I do actually getting something accomplished.

And honestly, he's probably right.  In fact, if I threw something in there that wasn't on the list, I have been known to go back and redo the entire list, accounting for the new item and checking it off.

Ridiculous.  This I know.

But the paper/pencil route has always been the thing that worked the best for me.

Until now.

Enter 30/30 Task-Management App.

This is a task-management application that keeps you on a schedule, much like my paper/pencil schedule that I so often make.  But I use the microwave timer.

So I still take five minutes to put all of my "list" items into the app and give them each a time allotment. But when that's done, I push go and I'm off to work!

The app sounds an alarm when I should be done with one task.  And moves onto the next task.  The great thing is, the task I was working on originally doesn't go away, it simply moves to the end of the list.

Here is a screenshot of my phone as I blog right now.  Very user-friendly and makes working fun!

Check it out if you get a chance because it's a productivity life-changer!

Happy Friday Eve!

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