Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy January 8th...

Okay, honestly...it's January 8th.

And I was thinking on the way home from work, "I should really mail my Christmas cards."

Yes.  Christmas cards.  Seriously.  Still not mailed.

I have had them since mid-November.  I designed them, ordered them, put them in envelopes, put  names on them, and yes...even addressed them.  My sister-in-law even went and purchased stamps for me.  Seriously.  Addressed and ready to go in the mail.  Right after I stamp them.

Now.  If I could just get them to the mailbox.

Seems to be the story of my Christmas card life.  There has never, EVER been a year that I have actually followed through with getting the cards out on time.  Never!

In fact, I still have some cards at my house from last year that never got mailed.

I'm hoping 2013 will be better though.  I do have a few "organization-y" things going for me.

Already labeled my 2013 CD's
and put the stickers on my CD sleeves.

My Google calendar is filling up fast and includes editing
time for each session.  Love the color-coding and LOVE that
it is synced with my iPhone and iPad!

My session forms are all printed and ready to go!
These include my workflow "to do" items from
start to finish!

Got the Christmas tree down and am finally getting
some items up on the wall!

New gift certificates came today!  Yay!
Now just waiting on the new packaging
items I ordered to get here!
Well...guess I'd better get home and get my Christmas cards stamped.  Happy Tuesday, everyone.

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