Saturday, February 9, 2013

Merry Christmas Countdown!

Okay, let's be real here for a second.

I am a terrible blogger.

But not only that.

I am terrible at a lot of other things, as well.

And one of those things is being ready for the holidays when the holiday season arrives.

I usually start going through the "Christmas Countdown" in about October.  And after a few weeks, I realize I am already behind and try to shove several other cleaning tasks into the next few weeks.  After I catch up, I usually get behind again and the holiday season usually ends with me taking my "day off" when school is out and doing what I like to call the "dash & stash", where I put visible clutter in a closet, drawer, under a table...wherever I can fit it...before family comes into town.

Anybody else been there?


Well, this year, I decided to do things a little bit differently.

I am starting to count down to Christmas now.  Yes, now.

Here is the schedule I have created to try and keep myself accountable.

So let me kind of walk you through how I filled in my calendar.

First, I started with Thanksgiving and Christmas week.  I want to be able to celebrate these weeks and not worry about specific tasks, so the idea is for me to just be maintaining the house by then.

Next, I filled in our summer vacation.  I want to have NO RESPONSIBILITY that week!

I filled in the end of this school year and the beginning of next school year with just maintaining or focusing on a small house task and otherwise living at school.  It's what I do.  I can't help myself.  :)

Next, I started filling in the blank weeks from now until the end of 2013.  I included each room 3-4 times, depending on how the calendar worked out.  I tried to do this logically, such as adding the garage and attic on the week I am off for spring break.  It is RIDICULOUS out there, so I know I might need 2-3 FULL DAYS of break to get that one accomplished!

Finally, I printed a blank weekly calendar for each week.  I filled in this week to show you what I'm planning to do with these.  Here is my calendar for the week of February 10th (starts tomorrow!)

As you can see, I went through first and put all of the "outside of the house" activities we have going on this week in the left, church, and anything else.  I filled those in with some basic times so I knew what I would be able to realistically accomplish this week.  I then broke down the weekly tasks into seven days and put more on the days I knew I would have more time.  I'm hoping that by breaking down these tasks, I'll be able to actually stick to this calendar!

I have created a blank printable version of my countdown calendars for you.  Grab the overview calendar with dates here.  And find the weekly "to do list" here.

Download and print your calendars and let's get this Christmas countdown started tomorrow!  Thanks for joining me!

If you are planning to join me, leave a comment below and we can keep each other accountable!  Happy Weekend!

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