Friday, May 31, 2013

Snowball Saturday (among other things...)

Well, it's Snowball Saturday, number 4.  I think.  Should be like number 17, but who's counting?

Thought I'd give a quick Snowball update before moving on to a few other items that I should catch you all up on!

One of my best friends in the whole wide world emailed me a few weeks ago to talk some Dave Ramsey.  He cares about me...he cares about my family...he cares about my financial state.  He and his wife are amazing and have gone totally gazelle intense and are an awesome inspiration to Matthew and I.

He was asking me about our new car.  Okay...MY new car.  He really got me to thinking about why we have a new car.  I took the new car out of the debt snowball and put in a cheap car we could pay cash for.  I thought about the gas mileage.  I thought about the reliability of a new car verses our older vehicle that we were worried about.  I thought and I thought and I thought some more.

He and I went back and forth about my way of thinking about this subject area, discussing certain points from both sides of the conversation.  He brought up some good points and I agreed with him.  His points made financial sense.  He brought up that fact that if Dave were in Missouri, he would yell at me...and he's right.  He totally would.

However, Matthew and I have mulled the situation over and gone back and forth, back and forth and this is the conclusion we have come to...we're keeping the car.

We are not being as gazelle intense as we need to be if we want to pay off the debt in the absolute quickest way possible.  However, we will still have the car paid off in 2014.  When the car is paid off, we are going to trade it in for something a little bit older that we won't need to add a payment for.  We're going to make an even trade.

It is definitely not something that Dave would recommend.  However, the girls and I live in our car.  We drive to and from Midway every day, we drive to Lee's Summit to dance class, and to Butler on a regular basis.  I use the car for my photography business, to haul things and to haul people.  It is reliable and it gets great mileage.  It is a sacrifice we are making to have a reliable, clean vehicle that gets good gas mileage.  And so...the car stays, at least until the end of next year.  :)

And I should interject here that I love my friend dearly and am so thankful that he and I have the relationship that we do.  Not just anybody would worry about your financial well-being from miles and miles away.

Okay...moving on...

I found an AWESOME NEW APP.  It is called Home Routines and it is $4.99 on the App Store.

Home Routines is an app that is helping me stick to those day-to-day routines that I sometimes neglect (okay...MOST OF THE TIME neglect) until Saturday morning when I scramble to catch up on housework.  It has room for Morning & Evening Routines, a to do list, and even Zone Work!

The Zone Work comes from Flylady, which is my idol for all things organization.  She changed my life when we first got married and although I have somewhat fallen away from the strict regimen I had going on back then, I'm starting to get back into the routines she introduced me to so many years ago!

Here are a few screen shots:

So seriously...if you have an iPhone, iPod, or iPhone and if you are drowning in keeping up with your home management duties...check out HomeRoutines!

Anybody else have any apps that are helping them get what they need to get done this summer?

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