Saturday, May 4, 2013

Snowball Saturday: Take 3 we are.  The third (actually fourth because I missed a week, but I'm sticking with third) Snowball Saturday.

We had some time to sit down and crunch some numbers this week and we moved some stuff around on the debt snowball and changed our extra payment amount.

It changed our payoff date by eight months, but I must admit it moved it BACK eight months.

However, our HOUSE payoff date moved UP by over three years.

So here's our new plan...

Keep paying, paying, paying on our lowest payment...including the extra moolah we saved this month. We're also going to add whatever we possibly can on to the lowest payment each month.

In two years, we'll have the new car paid off.  We're hoping to make a straight-up trade for something else with lower miles when that happens.

In five years, we'll have the house OVER 50% paid down.  Everything else, except for the student loan will be paid off.  From now until then, we'll be doing some remodeling and DECLUTTERING.  At that time, we'll (hopefully) move out of the house and put it on the market.

Who knows where we'll end up in-between...maybe in my parents' basement?  :)

When the house sells, we're planning to purchase some land and start building our dream house!  It's hard to believe that these plans are just five years away!  Even less if we pay extra on our debt snowball each week!

It's so fun to have a goal!

Until next week!

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