Monday, June 17, 2013

Organization Schmorganization.

Sometimes, when I feel hopeless about a situation, I make a rhyming word and put the "sch" sound on the front of it.

Diet Schmiet.
Runner Schmunner.
Skinny Schinny.

And like the current post title...Organization Schmorganization.

There are days that I feel so hopeless about organization.  I look around me and I just get discouraged.  I realize that I have too much "stuff" and until I minimize my belongings, organization the way I want it just isn't going to happen.

But then there are days...that I do something that I'm extremely proud of, and give myself one point on the pretend scoreboard that I have going on in my brain.

Today is one of those days.

Well, really it was a few weeks ago.

Here's what happened.

I got an email from Paper Coterie.  I get these quite frequently and unless I have something specific in mind, I usually glance at them, take note of the awesome graphic design that they use in their marketing materials, and hit delete.

But before I hit delete this time...I had a stroke of genius!  I thought of something BEFORE it was due! I (for once!) DIDN'T PROCRASTINATE!

Last year, I came up with the idea of using a Paper Coterie Memory Keeper to keep all of Harlee's kindergarten stuff in.

Harlee's Kindergarten Memory Keeper

Here is what an open, empty Memory Keeper looks like.
Harlee's full kindergarten Memory Keeper

 It was spectacular!  I didn't keep every single thing, but I had somewhere that looked nice and wasn't "cluttery".  There was only so much room, so I really had to decide what to keep and not keep.  I was very happy with how this endeavor turned out.

So anyway...back to the email.  I realized that there just might possibly be a Memory Keeper that was on this 40% deal that Paper Coterie was offering and when I opened the website...there was!  So I ordered away!  I got Harlee's first grade Memory Keeper for 40% off and TWO MONTHS EARLY!  Woohoo!!!

Here's the empty 1st Grade Memory Keeper!

 The new Memory Keeper is sitting on the shelf with her Kindergarten box, ready to be filled with all of her first grade memories!  Yay for doing something right for once!

Here's a quick look at how much my baby has grown this year.  Time sure does fly!  What a blessing my little (almost) first grader is to me!

What are some things you could do right now to prepare for 2013-2014?  Anybody already made a dent in your school year prep?  Let's hear those ideas!

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  1. I'm inspired and need a code! LOL. As we definitely share in that it's a great deal with a % off and/or free shipping and I also just love this. I think it would help me minimize some of that stuff I just CAN NOT get rid of... plus I have three that I need one for. Does the 40% happen to be good anymore? Please share when you have a new one if not! :)
    Also a Hopless Schmorganizer,