Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sometimes it's not about image quality.

Let's be honest.  We have all seen those images where we are just captured by the beauty of the framing, the editing, and just the sheer "quality".

I love looking through other photographer's websites and blogs and admiring the beauty of the art they create.  I love when an image is sharp enough, with just the right amount of light, and including eyes that "pop".

But's not about image quality.

I am doing some late-night editing tonight and was looking through some images from a session for my cousin and his wife.

Is this not a gorgeous couple?

Seriously.  They are gorgeous.  We had a wonderful setting to work with, a perfect lighting scenario, and two lovely subjects.

Shortly after finishing this session at my grandparents' farm, I headed into get my girls from Grandma's house.  

And with camera in hand, I witnessed this...

  and this...

In the first image, Claire was pulling my Grandma into the other room to show her where she had "hidden" a little toy mouse that was supposed to scare her.  I love the motion in the shot.  I love that you can see my grandma's cabinets in the kitchen we grew up in.  I love that she's wearing a shirt that she has worn ever since I can remember.  And I LOVE that my Claire-bear is fortunate enough to have great-grandparents.

While they "found" the mouse, I snuck in to listen to Harlee-girl play Grandma's piano (the one that I plunked around on as a young girl).  I love the fact that you can see my wedding photo on top of the piano.  I love that Grandpa's hats are still stacked in the corner (he's been gone over three years now).  I love that there is a little piece of the window from the front door showing past the paneling through the opening into the living room.  And I LOVE that my Harlee is so content to be playing the piano at her great-grandma's house.


I sure do love this life God has given me. <3

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