Sunday, September 1, 2013

More Changes.

Well, it's been quite a year.

Quite a year at home.
Quite a year at school.
And quite a year at Newkirk Photography.

Of course, change is inevitable, regardless of which setting we're talking about.

Change is good, when it includes personal growth, relationship improvement, and other successes.

That's the kind of change I'd like to address as I share with the world some "changes" happening for our family and for Newkirk Photography.

Last year, I posted a big ol' long post about minimizing my work load and changing the way I did business.  The plan was to take 10 session appointments from August-December, and 10 more from January-May.  This worked out pretty well.

I must admit that I didn't ALWAYS say no to sessions that were above and beyond my original planned schedule, but all of the "above and beyond" sessions were sessions that I chose to accept, due to specific circumstances, and in order to be a blessing to some families.

Terminal illnesses, military deployment, adoption celebrations.

And what a blessing those sessions are to me, as well.

This change of pace really has worked out nicely for my family.  We saw each other more and it finally felt like we were living under the same roof again (something that we had missed the previous summer!).

After much prayer and contemplation, I have decided to even back off a little bit more this school year, in order to be the best wife, mom, third grade teacher, and photographer I can be.

And so, I have scheduled available sessions around the girls' activities, church happenings, and school events.  These sessions can be found on my "Session Availability" tab on my website.  Look for "Available Session" on the calendar.

I am now scheduling from September 2013 through February 2014.

Now, although there are not too many general sessions available, I will still be having my Fall and Valentine's Mini-Session, as I do each year.  I will also be adding an indoor Christmas Card Mini-Session this year!  See dates and information for each of these mini-sessions below and mark your calendars today so you don't miss them!

To schedule, simply send me a Facebook message, email me at, or give me a call!  Fair warning...people are already requesting spots for the Fall Mini's on October 19th!  So if you're planning to get an appointment, you might want to do it quickly!  :)


The Annual Fall Mini-Session (this will be the fourth year!) is a 30-minute outdoor session (usually families).  This year, I'm doing a $30 sitting fee that includes a disc of 15 edited images.  Keeping it simple.

I've decided to try out a Christmas Card Mini-Session this year.  This will be an indoor session at the studio.  Fifteen minute session to get a few good Christmas card images, a break for me to load them on the computer, and a 10-minute View & Choose session for you to pick your favorite Christmas card design, image or images, and wording.

And finally, the 4th Annual Valentine's Photo Booth.  This will be at the studio, as usual.  No sitting fee.  No appointment.  15-Minute Walk-In Appointments and an online photo gallery for you to order from.

Thanks so much for all of your support over the last several years.

                                                                            I am blessed.
                                                                                          ~ Hannah

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