Saturday, January 18, 2014

Flying time.

That whole "time flies" thing seems to become more and more true as I get older.

There are moments in my life that seem like yesterday.  Sometimes when I'm driving to school and I have two little girls sleeping quietly in the back seat, I reminisce about certain special moments in my life.  I mean, I think we all do this, right?

Sometimes, it's Matthew's and my "dating" years.  It's been fourteen years now and sometimes it just feels like yesterday.  I can remember riding on the middle console (completely illegally, I'm thinking now!) of that old yellow pick-up truck with Matthew and whichever one of his friends had ridden with us to Rudy's to get some food before the football bus left.  I can remember catching flack for dating a freshman, lol!  I never took any of it seriously, and thankfully most of the comments were all in good fun.  Boy, when that "freshman" became a sophomore and started making pretty big football plays as a defensive end, it became pretty cool that we were together.

I can remember those Homecoming weeks with my classmates...especially the slumber parties, the constant laughs, and the yummy food at the float site that all the moms provided for us!  I can remember proms and high school organizations and graduation.  Just feels like yesterday.

Time flew then, time flew through college, time flew through the year up to our wedding.  We were married for a few years, living in our first house, when we found out we were expecting Harlee.  That feels like yesterday, too.  And now she's seven.

We found out she would be a big sister and wouldn't you know time flew and we had Claire Bear very soon after that!  Now she's almost five and lo and behold, Baby #3 is on the way.  Five more months, but I'm not counting down the time.  I'm trying to really enjoy this time with the two older kiddos and enjoy being pregnant for what I'm 99.9% sure will be the last time.  Cherishing those flutters and kicks that I really hardly remember from my pregnancies with the girls.

When we found out we were expecting this baby, I started to really reconsider the things I was giving my time to.  I posted about my decision to close the doors at Newkirk Photography here.  Of course, I didn't want to just quit "cold turkey", so I continued to take some appointments in December and January.

I've now kind of established my calendar for the rest of 2014 and wanted to share.

With some technical difficulties, involving my computer, I got a few weeks off of my schedule (okay, more like a MONTH off of my schedule) and am just now getting edits done from the final November and December sessions that I hadn't gotten done yet.

So that's my plan for the rest of January...catch up in my free time.

In February, I'm available to take four more half-hour or two more one-hour sessions (probably indoors, unless we have an amazing day!) on February 22nd.  So if you'd like one of those, just please send me a Facebook message or an email at

In March, I have one available session on March 15th.


So senior parents, if you need invitations or albums, please get with me before then!  :)

And I'll be done with regular sessions from mid-March on.  I plan to have some mini-sessions here and there after Baby comes and am looking forward to some weddings that I have on the calendar already during 2014 and 2015.

I am excited to be able to focus on my family of five and my full-time teaching career.  I am looking forward to the photography that I end up sprinkling here and there in my future.  I know it will be a treat to be able to do some photography, after I have taken a break from something I have done so regularly over the last several years!

I'm also excited to be able to share some of our journey on the blog, as I've been planning to do for quite some time.

I love to talk to others about our financial journey, our spiritual journey, and the home-making, house-keeping journey that I'm TRYING to figure out.

So that's the plan.  Time keeps flying, and I realize that if I don't get organized soon, I'm going to miss it.


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