Thursday, January 2, 2014


This year will be a year of changes for the Newkirk family and with some of those changes will come a blog transformation, as well!

The blog's title came from my life as a third grade teacher, a photographer, and a wife & mom. Well, at the end of 2014, I'm planning to hang up the photographer hat and focus solely on my family and my classroom. You can read more about that decision on this blog post from November 1st.

Now, photography will still be an important part of who I am, as a teacher, wife, and mom, so I'm not planning to change the name of the blog. I still feel like it captures the important parts of who I am.

What I am planning on changing is how often I share and the types of things I share.

I really want to begin blogging as more of a journal for myself. A way to track all the huge changes taking place this year for our family.

And I want this blog to provide a glimpse into the lives of the Newkirk family, as we transform our lifestyle into one with more of a minimalistic focus. 

I am looking forward to the decluttering process of learning to live with less stuff. I'd love to share the ups and downs of our journey towards living with less.

We are still working on our debt snowball, and want to buckle down even more this year to really pay off some serious debt. Our debt reduction plan needs to be revamped, with new baby in mind, and we're looking to build on in the next few years, as well. We want to do this in the most cost-effective way possible and do a lot of the work ourselves. 

To be quite honest, I would be 100% content with this house being our "forever house". I realize it's all in the mindset and although I would love to have a little more land to spread out on some days, we are so very blessed with the home we have to raise our little family in.

I'll be documenting some of our progress towards the "building on" decision and hopefully the beginning stages of that process in the next year. 

We'll be welcoming Baby #3 this year, and of course, with THAT will come many changes. I'll be documenting as we prepare to welcome the little one and of course, after he or she joins us.

This will be a year of many changes and I'm excited to share them with you.

"Capture your journey" has been the tagline of Newkirk Photography for several years and I can't wait to continue capturing my own family's journey through words here on the blog.

Thanks for reading.

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