Tuesday, June 10, 2014


It seems like with every pregnancy, my nine months of preparation time has gone faster and faster.

With #1, I remember waiting and waiting to "show".  I spent lots of time wondering if what I was feeling inside of my belly was her moving.  It seemed like it took forever for people to realize I was pregnant without me telling them.

With #2, the reason I even THOUGHT I could be pregnant is because I started to "show".  It all happened earlier that time.  I started showing at 6 weeks.  I remember feeling her move pretty early in the pregnancy.  And when we went to my doctor's appointment on the morning they decided to induce me, it felt like we had just found out we were expecting.  Yes...#2 was faster.

And tomorrow comes #3. 

#3 has been a whirlwind.  From finding out we were expecting, announcing it with a photograph of my older two girls, to numerous doctor's appointments over the last nine months (many of which I was measuring WAY ahead of schedule), to moving through the entire school year and longing for summer to take a short rest before she joins us.  And now.  Here she comes.  Tomorrow morning.

I don't even remember a time that I wasn't showing with this pregnancy.  From the time I took a test, she was already shaping up inside there to give me that nice little baby bump VERY early.  I remember feeling her move MUCH earlier than the other two girls.  And I remember this pregnancy being a little bit more difficult on me.

Granted, I turned 30 in March.  Baby #2 is now 5.  My body hasn't done this in a while and things change in five years.  I was much sicker at the beginning.  My joints ached throughout.  I didn't sleep well from day 1.  I'm getting older...this I know.

But, oh my.  

What a blessing it has been to be able to feel one more baby kick me from the inside.  To be able to share that with my older two girls.  To hear that heartbeat and see those sweet sonogram pictures.  Yes, even with the lack of sleep and aching joints...what a sweet blessing.

What a reminder of the power of our God.

That He can take a baby from this...

to this...

in nine short months.

And tomorrow, we'll finally meet her.


Now, I will admit that I'm a bit anxious about this delivery.  The older two babies were natural deliveries with no complications, whatsoever.  For a few reasons, #3 will be a planned cesearean section tomorrow morning, June 11th, at 10:30 a.m.

People have c-sections every day.  My doctor and her partners perform c-sections every day.  Many, MANY of my friends and family have delivered their babies via c-section and they are absolutely fine.  But I'm still a bit nervous.  

I know I'll survive it.

And I know that somewhere around 11:00 tomorrow morning, we'll be holding our sweet girl.

We'd appreciate your prayers as we start this journey with baby #3.  Please pray for a safe delivery, a healthy baby, and for both of our recoveries.  Please pray for our older two girls, as they make this adjustment and for the Matthew & I as we start this trip into parents of three kids.  

These last nine months have flown by.  And once again, I am reminded that we are so very blessed.


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