Thursday, January 1, 2015


Ah.  There is something so fresh and new about that word.  


It's a chance to start over.  A chance to make a "new you".  A chance to move past the things of the previous year and set some goals for yourself.

I have had 30 years of Januarys now.  Well...about 25 or so that I can actually recall.

Starting somewhere in high school, I started to set New Year's Resolutions for myself.  I would stick to a few and not stick to others.

Each year, though, one thing never changed.  I set too many resolutions and some of them weren't attainable at all.  

And are my 2015 goals.  

Simplify our belongings.
Become healthier.
Get better at paperwork.
Focus on frugality.
Blog more often.
Be more like Jesus.

Here's the deal.  

2014 was a year of BIG changes for the Newkirks.  

We welcomed baby #3 into the family.
I cut back on my photography business.
I changed my teaching job description by departmentalizing.
I lost 15 pounds.

These things were great for us.  However, these things also came with some transitional bumps in the road.  

Mattie was born on June 11th.  I had about 2 weeks off school before she was born and I used that time to clean and organize the house (with lots of help, as I was not very comfortable!).  We kept it really clean until school started.

When my teaching partner and I decided to departmentalize, I was thrilled.  However, it was a whole new ballgame for both of us and we are still learning.  Due to these big changes in my job, I slacked big time on the housework.  I stayed late at school, worked on lesson plans at home, ate out way too often, and quite frankly, kind of stunk at being a wife and mom.

My photography business had already been cut down significantly, in March of 2014, due to the impending arrival of Baby M.  However, after she was here, I realized how much I would miss photography if I cut it out completely.  And so, I started to work some sessions back into my schedule.  In 2015, I'm going to continue to work sessions into my schedule, using a year-long plan that I will reveal with all the juicy details next week.

Having a baby and cutting down on the photography sessions I was doing also really affected us financially.  We have insurance and therefore were charged some astronomical fees by the hospital.  In fact, we are still paying on these bills (the last payment will be THIS MONTH...thank you, Jesus!!!).  This was a big chunk of change out of our budget every month.  Add these payments to the fact that I wasn't cooking at home, and let's just say we had to put the debt snowball on hold for the last few months of 2014.  

This had it's added benefits, as I was FORCED to cook at home in November and December.  In fact, by cooking weight watchers meals at home, I actually stuck to my Weight Watchers plan and I have lost over 15 pounds since August.  I call it the "I can't afford food, so I just won't eat very much" diet.

2014 was a great year.
2014 was a difficult year.
2014 was a beautiful year.

We had some growing pains.  We had some heartache.  We made lots of memories.

I'm looking forward to 2015 and can't wait to share progress on my New Year's resolutions as the year progresses.

Thanks so much for sticking by my side through these last few years, even though I'm the worst blogger ever.

I appreciate each one of you.

Happy 2015!

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  1. Love you and your sweet family Hannah! You're blessings to many!