Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Adding On.

We've been throwing the idea around of building on to the house for (at least) the last five years.  We currently have a three-bedroom, one-bath house with a living/family room, a (kind of outdated) kitchen, and a small laundry room.  The garage is detached and we have no basement.  Storage is limited, to say the least.

The time never really felt right.  We went through several "plans" in our conversation of where to add on, what to add on, and of course...how we would ever afford it.

Well, through our journey with good ol' Dave (Ramsey), we have paid some debt off and now feel like we have the monthly income that we could sustain another payment for a construction loan.  After the construction is complete, we are hoping to be able to roll our current mortgage and the money we borrow for the addition into one loan, with a lower rate than the construction loan will be.

Anyway, so in this journey of "home addition dreaming", we've discovered a great iPad app called "Room Planner".  I was able to enter the dimensions of our current structure and the addition and see what the whole thing looks like in 3D.  I was also able to print these plans for our builder, which was pretty sweet.

My favorite part of the app is that by upgrading for $2.99, we can actually "walk through" the space.  Pretty crazy to feel as though we are actually in the "new part" of the house.  

Technology is so cool.

Here is my original notebook paper drawing... 

As you can see, the red line goes around our current house.  The addition will basically double the current square footage, plus we're hoping to add a loft over the two bedrooms to be a playroom (aka HIDE ALL OF THE DARN TOYS AND KEEP THEM OFF OF THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR room).

Here is what I have been able to come up with using the app...

We're planning to turn the current living room into a dining space.  We're also hoping to turn the two older girls' current bedroom into a laundry room/bathroom combo.  (Yes!  Two bathrooms!!!).  The older girls will get their own bedrooms out in the new part and we'll have a big ol' great room for family gatherings and future slumber parties (with three girls, I feel like this is inevitable)...

Now, here is a screenshot of the 3D part of the app.  How cool is this?

I could even add wall colors and furniture!  The floor plan above has changed a little bit since I took these pictures, but you get the idea.  Very cool.

Anyway, so tonight, the hubs and I are sitting down and talking about the most dreadful part of the project...the financing.  We were going to go talk to the bank today and we just didn't have everything ready that we needed.  So tomorrow, I'll take all of our stuff to the loan guy and say some major prayers that it all works out the way it needs to.  

Of course, we don't want to stop progress on our debt snowball, but we feel like adding square footage and equity to the house isn't really a purchase that we will regret in the future.  And we'll be able to enjoy the house more without living right on top of each other.

Thanks for reading.  I'll keep you posted!


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