Saturday, March 28, 2015


After reading the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo, my entire mindset has changed when it comes to decluttering my home, my classroom, and my photography studio. 

It seems as if God continues to put things in my path to remind me that this life is temporary. 

Our stuff doesn't matter much. It definitely doesn't matter as much as the people we love and the experiences we have.

I feel as if I almost became obsessed with our home addition over the last few months. I was just so excited to finally have a little more space to spread out in. I was also looking forward to giving the girls rooms of their own, so they could have a little break from each other.

When we found out we were unable to do the addition, I was disappointed at first. However, after speaking to my husband and a few of my dearest friends, I realized that maybe be home addition is not in God's plan right now.

Matthew and I began to plan to go another route. A route that would not include any more debt for the time being. A route that will include three daughters sharing one bedroom for a few years. A route that, I'm sure, will be forever etched in our memory as a joyful, stressful, and wonderful time of life.

It is also a route that will include living in our current square footage for a little longer than we had anticipated.

Therefore, it is time to truly put the Kon Mari method to work. 

We only have about eight weeks of school left (how is that possible!?!). I have lots of things I would like to accomplish at school during the next eight weeks...finishing the year with a bang, doing some planning for next year, and going through my teaching resources that have sat on a shelf for the last seven years. I would love to get the resources that are gathering dust together and get them in the hands of someone who will use them. 

So we'll finish the school year on May 13th and by the following Wednesday, I would like to have my classroom decluttered and organized for 2015-2016.

Starting the week after that, I am looking forward to getting very serious about purging in my home. I think I will designate those first three weeks of summer to some hardcore decluttering. 

My idea is to go through each room and essentially "move out". When we had satellite television (waste of time and waste of glad we dropped it!), I loved HGTV and other home channels. 

One of my favorite shows was Mission: Organization. On this show, they would move everything out of a bedroom to the yard and put out three big of stuff to keep, one of stuff to sell, and one of stuff to donate. They also had a place for trash. I would love to use this same method this summer, with the Kon Mari way of thinking...pick everything up, check and see if it sparks joy, and if not, GET RID OF IT. 

I'll put everything that sparks joy in the keep pile and box up the sell and donate stuff immediately. My plan is to make a trip to donate things every single day for those three weeks. 

Then I'll deep-clean that room, rearrange if I need to, and put only the items that spark joy back in there. Every single item will get a home. 

The next day...choose a different room and repeat the process all over again. 

I would love to be done with the process in 3 weeks so I can enjoy the rest of the summer with my babies in a clean house, free from clutter that will distract us from each other! 

Anybody else feeling overwhelmed with the "stuff" of life? 

Getting ready to hopefully feel a whole lot lighter,

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