Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Halfway There.

July 1st.

We're basically halfway through summer.

Less than a month and I'll most likely be back at school, preparing for the school year.

I've gotten a lot accomplished over the last month and a half.

Some of you might remember the book I read in March called "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up", by Marie Kondo.

Well, I read the book in March and didn't really get to "start the process" until school got out.  I'm happy to report that over a three-week time period, I stuck to the plan and "KonMari'd" my whole house.  I have over 30 tubs of items ready to be priced for a garage sale and I sent over 15 big trash bags of trash to the dumpster.

I will admit that now that I'm done, I'm getting ready to go back through the categories one more time before school starts.

It's absolutely addictive.

I've also started the Whole30 program.  My mom and I are on Day 17 of this way of eating and we are feeling great!

The Whole30 is explained in a book called "It Starts with Food", by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig.

The book was so enlightening and I was motivated to start the program immediately, mainly to hopefully help my mom with her joint pain management, due to her diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  It is helping and I'm praying she can stick to it for another 13 days!

After I started getting our house in order and focusing on my health, I began to research a management tool that would allow me to continue my steps in the right direction and that's when I found "bullet-journaling".

Bullet journaling seemed to finally be a planner system that I could make work for me.  I made my own bullet journal and quickly realized that for someone with three kids, a teaching job, a photography business, lots of involvement in the Church, and many other responsibilities...a traditional bullet-journal probably wasn't going to cut it.  When I filled out my first bullet journal, I had already used one notebook just for June & July.

I started searching YouTube for a way to incorporate the bullet journal method with a different type of planner and I found so many great videos.

That's when I decided to dive in head-first and order a new planner.

I ended up with this design and cannot wait for it to arrive this Friday!

Looking forward to sharing how I personalize my EC planner to work for my life over the next few weeks!  Look for a video in the near future.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July, friends!


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