Friday, September 11, 2015

Resting State.

Well, hello there, friends!  Long time no see!

Would you believe that it's almost been two MONTHS since my last post?  Of course you would believe it...I'm the worst blogger EVER!

I'm sure you remember my posts over the summer about the KonMari process.  We got rid of LOTS OF STUFF.  In fact, even when I went back to school, I "KonMari'd" my classroom.

In the book (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, for those of you that missed it), Marie Kondo talks about how our physical clutter negatively affects other areas of our lives.

  • We miss out on time spent with family and friends because of the need to clean and organize our "stuff" every weekend.
  • We spend money replacing things we "know we have somewhere" because we can't find said item in our homes.
  • We get into the routine of "doing what we've always done" because we just don't have it in us to make any major changes.
  • We eat out or go shopping because the lack of control in our houses makes us want to just avoid being there.
  • We throw ourselves into our jobs, volunteer positions, or service opportunities to prove to ourselves that we can do SOMEthing right, even if it's not keeping up with our houses and cooking for our families.
Well, she was right when she mentioned those things and she was right when she said getting your house in order will cause you to rethink things in life.  

Now, Kondo mentions things like "divorcing a spouse" and "resigning from a job" as some of the things that might come up once you're seeing things more clearly after decluttering.  I don't agree with or understand THAT part of the book AT ALL.  

I could never KonMari my husband or my teaching job!  Those are both some of my biggest JOY SPARKERS! <3

However, I have definitely been able to clear my mind over the last few months, enough to reevaluate some parts of my life.

One of the groups I am in on Facebook is dedicated to those people going through the "KonMari process".  Last week, a woman wrote a post on there about leaving her home in "resting state".  This clicked with me!  

And so this week, the girls and I have been going through each room in the house in the evenings and putting the house back in "resting state".  When we walk in, we want to be able to look around and feel pure peace and relaxation.  If there is a pair of shoes out of place, it just doesn't have that "finished" feeling and I LOVE that finished feeling!

Now, right now if you walked into my house, you would see a few things lying out, here and there, but the girls and I will go through before bed tonight and put those few things away.  

And when we wake up in the morning, I won't feel quite as guilty for taking such a long coffee and Bible time, instead of starting my to do list.

Does the phrase "resting state" click with you like it did with me?