Thursday, December 31, 2015

2. Family First

Yesterday, I spoke a bit about my plan for spiritual growth in the new year.

Today, I'd like to focus on my second goal: Putting Family First.

Here's the deal.  There are a lot of things that I do day-in and day-out that are arguably putting my "family first"...working for hours at the studio editing pictures to make some extra money to pay off debt, spending time sitting in the waiting room of the dance studio because the older girls are in two separate classes with 45 minutes of wait-time between them, and setting up routines & schedules to help the house run smoothly.  

These things are great...but it's crazy that these things I have done to put the family first actually sometimes TAKE AWAY from spending time with them.  

And so, in 2016, here is my plan for putting family first.

1. Be Present.  Goodbye, cell phone.

Ha.  That sounded very dramatic, didn't it?  I won't be getting rid of the cell phone completely.  But in the evenings...from suppertime to bedtime, I'm going to charge it beside my bed.  

We have no home phone, so I'll leave the ringer on, in case somebody needs me, but no texting, no facebooking, no Pinteresting. 

Sitting in the same room with my family while I'm surfing the latest happenings on social media isn't the same as spending quality time with my family.

And so, goodbye evening cell phone usage.

2. Schedule monthly date nights with the hubs.

I said I was going to do this last year.  But it's hard to follow through if it's not on the calendar, isn't it?  

And so...we are going to put these bad boys on the calendar IMMEDIATELY!  Or maybe tonight...or tomorrow night.  Immediately just sounded so much more dramatic and sometimes I like to be dramatic.  ;)

The kicker to this situation is that we're REALLY trying to pay off debt this year and we REALLY don't want to eat out (more on that later!).  Soooo...our date nights will revolve around the gift cards we have in the gift card drawer. food!

3. Schedule "alone time" with each girl.

Matthew is good at this.  I almost always have all three of them at one time, and when he takes one of them to the farm, I have the other two.

Our oldest daughter loves hunting & farming with Dad, so the other two sometimes get left out of that activity.  

Our second daughter loves grocery shopping with me, so the other two sometimes get left out of that.

Three nights a month though, we are going to schedule a "one-on-one time" for each girl.  The third child will have to visit Grandma for a little while on that night.

We want the girls to know that we care about them individually and that they have our full attention sometimes.  

1. Read the Bible daily.
2. Put Family First.
- Be Present.
- Schedule date nights with Matthew.
- Schedule date nights with each girl.

How will you change your relationship with your family in 2016?

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