Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5. Personal Goals for the New Year

I'm starting to realize that the goals I have written down for the various areas of life are all overlapping and intermingling.  I guess that's to be expected.

So far, I've discussed my plans for
1. Reading my Bible every day
2. Putting family first
3. Getting financially fit
4. Getting healthy

Today, I'm talking about my personal goals for 2016.

5. Pursue what sets my soul on fire.


That's really it.

I read this statement (or something similar to it) several months ago and just couldn't get it out of my mind.

This is one of those goals that I wouldn't call "measurable", so I needed to pair it with some sub-goals that will help me to narrow my focus.

In order to set my soul on fire, I plan to:
- Bible journal at least three times a week
- Keep up with our daily routines
- Plan a menu & shop once a month for groceries

1. Bible journal at least three times a week

Last summer, I was journaling in my Bible almost every night.  However, since school has started (five months ago now...), I think I've journaled about three times total.

I love to journal in my Bible, as it feeds a creative need deep in my soul and a spiritual need, as well.  I love being able to spend time with Jesus in His Word at the same time I'm using watercolors and cool pens to make a piece of art.

So this year, I'm going to journal at least three times a week.  I gain inspiration from Brother Matt's sermons, my daily devotional & Bible reading, and just day-to-day interaction with my own children, my students, and my family & friends.

2. Keep up with daily routines

I am happier and more fulfilled when my house is running smoothly.  Without our daily routines (especially in the evenings!), that doesn't happen.  And so, the girls and I have created a routine that we have been doing the last few nights and it has worked like a charm.  Let's hope it continues!

When I get home, I usually have supper in the crockpot.  It's just easier...and it's winter, so soup!

The girls are able to play or do homework until it's time to eat (about 5:30). 

At 6:00, we clean up the table and then they can relax a while longer.  

6:30 -- Family house pickup.  We have been setting the timer for 20-minutes and doing a quick run-through of the house.  It works pretty well!

6:50 -- Girls' room pickup.  10 minutes on the timer and two little girls picking up their bedroom.

7:00 -- We make a run through the baby room and then they get their stuff laid out for the next day.

7:15 -- Baby gets a bath.

7:30 -- Older girls start showers.

8:00 -- Reading in their rooms.

8:30 -- Lights Out!

After lights out, I'm usually switching a load of laundry or editing pictures.

Sticking to this routine has made the last few nights go really well.  Let's hope we're onto something!

3. Plan a menu & shop once a month for groceries.

I used to be a once-a-month-shopper.

It was great.

It was challenging.

You have to be pretty organized for that and you have to be willing to REALLY stick to a budget.  Oh, and you have to be willing to make a LONG grocery trip once a month with three kids.  Or find someone to watch the three kids while you shop.

The struggle is real, people.

I figured since I'm starting my second Whole30 this month, it would be a good time to start.

I made a menu for January that included two weeks worth of meals twice.  I decided to ease myself back into the idea of shopping once a month.

I made my grocery list and headed to the store late one night when Matthew was home to stay with the kids.

$212 later, we should be ready for the month, except for those weekly items like bread & milk.

Having time at the kitchen table each evening with my family sets my soul on fire.

Having a (mostly) clean and organized house sets my soul on fire.

Journaling in my Bible sets my soul on fire.

What are you doing this year to feed your soul?

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